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Printable Song Sheets

So, what you have here is a self-service pay-what-you-want setup for the very basic original dots, chords & words for the I Send A Voice chants (not including One Light/This Little Light of Mine.) These song sheets are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you don't have Acrobat on your machine already, you can get it here, free.

There are 2-3 songs per page (to save trees!) Feel free to print 'em, copy 'em, pass 'em around, subject them to the Folk Process, like happens every time I do 'em. If they're leaving your hands, please be sure to keep pages intact with the copyright information on them.

I'm not selling these sheets, but am asking for donations if you feel so moved. Either thru Paypal (hit the button and follow along) or in the mail

Snail Mail:
Send donations via SnailMail

Suggested amount: a buck a sheet; more if you're going to copy a mess of 'em.


Get Acrobat Reader

Printable Song Sheets for:

Deep Peace (~720 KB)

Seven Directions / Blessed Am I (~650 KB)

Said Hanuman / Remember (~660 KB)

Prayersong (PDF ~600 KB)

I Send a Voice / Metta (~640 KB)

Thank You For This Day (~179 KB)

Another Peace Chant (JPG: ~137 KB)

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