I Send a Voice - Mark Smith and Circle of Friends
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The Music

I Send a Voice, by Mark Smith and Circle of FriendsI Send a Voice, is a CD collection of 12 original & traditional CHANTS that spring from devotional chanting that's been happening in North Carolina's Piedmont for the last 20 years and more, sung by circles of friends in living rooms, gazebos, lodges, rallies, fire circles, churches, hospitals, porches - werever the Spirit rises.

These were recorded live, very simply, in a well-known Gothic edifice in Durham on two summer nights. Fifteen voices, guitar, flute, violin, piano, didgeridoo, harmonium, drums & percussion, an example of what can happen when some friends get together to celebrate life. We didn't have much time, there were few second takes, a few clinkers, and a lot of moments beyond expectation or explanation.

I Send a Voice by Mark Smith and Circle of Friends
Underlined selections below are links to sound samples.
  1. Seven
    Directions (7:10)
  2. Blessed Am I (7:03)
  3. Deep Peace (7:22)
  4. Said Hanuman (5:01)
  5. Remember (7:02)
  6. I Send a Voice (7:04)
  7. Metta (8:18)
  8. Another Peace Chant (11:00)
  9. One Light / This Little
    Light of Mine (5:20)
  10. Prayersong (2:10)
Go Here for Printable Song Sheets

The CD is available for $15. The very best way to get the CD is from Mark, in person. Call him up if you already know him, live in the Triangle area, etc... or get him to come sing and play at your church, event, etc.!
The second best way is good, old-fashioned mailorder, which adds a $2 shipping and handling charge.

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Last of all, PayPal is also available. The Mgmt. finds PayPal to be a most disembodied, around your elbow to get to your ear, way to do things... but feel free to use it if you already know and love it. Maybe someday the Mgmt. will learn to love it too!

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