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Mu long list of links of love and affinity...

The Photography of Ken Krossen - holding this spot, until Ken gets his photography on the WWW!!

Ysaye Barnwell's site - Ysaye is a member of Sweet Honey in the Rock and an amazing carrier and teacher of the African-American vocal traditions. If you can't get to one of the wonderful, totally-participatory, soul-stirring workshops she does all over the place (highly recommended!), you can still get her VERY great 4-CD set "Singing In The African American Tradition: Traditional Choral & Congregational Vocal Music" from www.homespuntapes.com.

Haw River Assembly - working to restore and protect the Haw River watershed, where I live

Prayer Vigil for the Earth - Gathering of native and other spiritual leaders on the Mall in Washington DC, each September since 1993

Center for Ecozoic Studies An NC-based group dedicated to Greensboro native Thomas Berry's vision of humanity's critical, constructive role in the next era… Thomas is a Greenboro native who has written several key books about what we're up to as a species and a planet.
We are about the Great Work.
We all have our particular work--some of us are teachers,
some of us are healers, some of us in various professions,
some of us are farming.
We have a variety of occupations.
But beside the particular work we do
and the particular lives we lead,
we have a Great Work that everyone
is involved in and no one is exempt from.
That is the work of moving on from a terminal Cenozoic
to an emerging Ecozoic Era in the story of the planet Earth...
which is the Great Work.

Friends Committee on Unity with Nature - To the testimony of conscientious objection to war, let us add conscientious protection of our planet

Duke Chapel - where I Send A Voice was recorded

Orange County Commission on the Environment, advisory board to the County Commissioners on land preservation, air and water quality, etc., which I serve on

Suki Roth's writings on herbs - Suki's a great herbalist and teacher

Rock Rest Adventures - My friend Joe Jacob's outfit, getting people and boats and water together since 19??!! That's my tubular tent in the middle of that camp on the Chulitna river, there on the RR homepage. Some of us got about 2/3 of the way up the mt. on the other side, I slid all the way down in the drizzle. We annoyed a very cute porcupine who thought it was HIS path. And it is.

North Carolina Waste Awareness and Reduction Network NC WARN is a member-based nonprofit organization helping to protect communities and the general public from the increasing health and environmental damage associated with toxic and radioactive pollution.

www.worldprayers.org Set up that random prayers button on your browser!

International Campaign for Tibet

and... gotta have Doonesbury!

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