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1996 Kim Beall

  Kim Beall's own personal GenDex files

About the information in these files:

I freely confess that I am able to make no warranty as to the absolute verity or accuracy (hah, as if any of us really can!) of the information contained in the files below. I do work on them as time permits, fixing dates that seem to conflict, and re-attaching or detatching persons as new information comes to light, but like all family tree data, it is a work in progress. So... take it for what it's worth, and take it, as you should take all information you find, with a grain of salt, subject always to further revision.  I hope it will be helpful to you in some way!

This information is based mainly on that contained in what was originally a huge, huge old "family tree" printed on blueprint paper that my family has had in its keeping since I was little. I remember that it literally filled the whole living room floor, and was very old and crumbly even then. There were only two copies of this paper extant, and nobody seems to know the current location of the other one. The family seldom opened it for fear of damaging it, except every several years to pencil in later births, such as my own and my brothers'.

Since then I have been accorded the HUGE honor (or so I took it) of being the caretaker of the old document. When my cousin gave it to me, he also handed me a floppy disk onto which, he said, he had painstakingly transcribed all of the information on the paper. I've taken this electronic transcript and done my best to connect it to other branches of data I've found on the web - many of them reconcile nicely with one another, while others have conflicts - I have left the conflicts in place until they can be resolved someday.

Of course, and unfortunately, there were no cites attached to or associated with any of this. But judging by the way much of the data is corroborated by that found elsewhere, it does at least seem that whoever the original genealogist was, he/she did do some conscientious research. So, take this for what it's worth, and may it be of some use to you - but beware that it is NOT gospel!