teh END

You Has Reached Teh End Of Teh Intarwebs

You has reached teh last page on teh internets. If you think you has reached dis page in error, you is rong.
You has been online too long and your kitteh is getting board and needs some belly-rubs and noms!

Pleez try teh following stuffs:

  • 1) Click teh dis is Tuna Get Tuna out of Cupboard icon.
    2) Maeks Can-opener to make kitteh-calling noise
    3) Put Tuna in Kitteh dish
  • If dat doesn't werks, yer doin' it rong! Try better tuna.
  • Or mebbe try click on "Start," click teh Turn Off Computer button, wait for your computer to turn offs, and then go Clean teh Litterbox.
  • If teh Network Administrator dude has tweeked it, Microsoft Windows can pounce on teh network and automagically maek teh network connection settings for "Go to Amazon.com and buy new Catnip Mouse." The old button for find kitteh toyz Detect Network Settings was wurthless - now is doin' it right!
  • You can try Click teh Help menu and tehn click About Internet Explorer - dis will confirm you has no choices.
  • If you r rilly dum, you can click pfft, right Back - but that jes taeks you to teh page before teh end of teh internets! Silly hoomans.
  • Dunt ferget we has claws and teefs and also we can upgrade yer RAM wif dem. Now turn off your computer and go attend to yer kittehs.

No Errors Finded
Teh End of teh Intertubes has been reached